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It’s in the city of Etival Clairefontaine in France that the Stationery Clairefontaine started their production in 1858. They will become in a few years one of the most important factories of the region. Their main activities: paper, envelopes and exercise books. Today, Clairefontaine offers the widest paper range of the market from the school world to the professional sphere including printing paper, correspondence, fine arts and handicraft activities …

The Stationeries of Clairefontaine are a part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group since 1996. Over the years, the Group prospored with the repurchase and the integration of several companies whose the activities centered on the paper business. The Group is the only one in Europe to be at the same time producer and transformer of paper. Which allows us to guarantee a consistency of productions, essential to high-end market articles.

Established since 1928, Exacompta is the reference brand in its field: filing articles, planning books, accounting books and the office supplies. Since its origin, Exacompta assures the consistency of the product quality.

Since 1934, Rhodia embodies all over the world the purity of a recognizable design by everyone. Born of a very simple idea. Create a unique, functional and universal tool. The block Rhodia became not only symbolic, but preserved an incredible modernity, an eternal youth. Rhodia joined the group Clairefontaine in 1997, so adding the paper Clairefontaine to the already well known block Rhodia.

It is in July 1919, that G. Lalo, manufacturer of writing papers and luxury envelopes, was born. Even if the correspondence kits sell less than 50 years ago, G Lalo knew how to preserve its articles still hand made in their Paris workshop,in order to continue to provide their customers a high level of quality and experience

The company J. Herbin, manufacturer of sealing wax was created in 1670. Since 2003, the company has been a part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group, J. Herbin survived through the years thanks to its specialities: writing ink, marking ink, the sealing wax and ornamental wax.

Established in 1850, Brause produces pens to write, draw, decorate. The quality of their craft produces pens of a highly refined quality. Every pen has its own qualities and can be classified according to two criterias: flexibility and sharpness.

Avenue Mandarine is a new brand of educational fun activity kits and games with stylish but simple designs and well-thought-out contents. For children from 2 years old…and their parents!

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